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4 Unique Outfits For Pittsburgh Steelers Fans

Uh huh, "You know what it is. Black and yellow, black and yellow, black and yellow." Steeler Nation is no joke. Fans in Pittsburgh are true to their boys in yellow, and are not afraid to show it. Want to spice up your Steelers wardrobe, but aren't sure where to start? We've got you covered... 

Here are 4 unique outfits from SportsGiveaways for Pittsburgh Steelers fans

Heinz Hottie

Sweater Dress ($75), Black Champions Boots ($120), Gray Winner Boots ($120)

For: ladies 

Heinz Field won't be the only place hot after a Steelers win. Be a Heinz hottie in this feminine-chic outfit. Pair with your favorite black leggings if you are heading to a chilly outdoor game. 

Terrible Towel Toddler 

Gerber 3 Piece Onesie Set ($25), Royal Plush Raschel Large Blanket 60"x80" ($50) 

For: any little Steelers fan

If the first thing you wrapped your newborn baby in was a Terrible Towel, this is for you. Get them started on the right foot with this 3-piece set. Don't want to take Jr. outside on a cold Pittsburgh day for a game? No worries, lay them down on this warm plush blanket and watch the game from the warmth of your home.  

Warning: this little Steelers set will evoke multiple "awwww's" from all who see. 

Big Ben Bro

Cotton Rugby Hoodie ($60), Maxx Dynasty Sunglasses ($40), Black Tapered Zip Up Pants ($55), Compression Underwear ($30)

For: fellas 

Who says that girls get to have all the fun when it comes to rocking unique outfits? Sick of wearing a jersey and jeans week after week? We've got you covered with this ensemble. 

I'm Dreaming Of A White [And Black And Yellow] Christmas 

Top left Ben Roethlisberger Ugly Sweater ($75), Top middle Super Bowl Commemorative Crew Neck Sweater ($70), Top right Cardigan Sweater ($110), Bottom left Women's Cardigan Sweater ($75), Bottom middle Ben Roethlisberger V-Neck Glitter Sweater ($80), Bottom right Men's Ugly Sweater ($65)

For: ladies and gents

It is inevitable that you will be asked to wear some version of an "ugly sweater" this Christmas season. Show up wearing one of these unique creations and we can guarantee you will be the most envied elf in Pittsburgh. 

Ladies: pair with black leather leggings and black booties for a cute feminine look. 

Bonus: Fashion Tip For Steelers Fans 

Black and yellow 'til I die - right?

Long time Steelers fans know how to properly rock yellow into an outfit, but it can be tricky for newcomers. If you are new to Steeler Nation, or are simply going to support a friend, go easy on the yellow. Wear mostly black and accent with a few yellow pieces to avoid looking like a bumble bee.