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5 Unique Seattle Seahawks Outfits To Wear This Winter

There is no doubt that the "Rainy City" is about to become the "Winter City". With temperature dropping and cooler weather setting in, it is time for Seahawks fans to switch out their blue and green t-shirts for some warmer garb. But why cover up your awesome outfit with an oversized coat when you can both look good AND stay warm at the same time?   

Here are 5 unique outfits from SportsGiveaways that you can wear to support the Seattle Seahawks this winter.  

Beast Mode Babe

For: ladies

Why let the boys on the field be the only one who gets to go into full beast mode? With this feminine outfit, Marshawn Lynch won't be the only one making a rumble of seismic activity at CenturyLink Field. Pair with your favorite leggings and get ready to make a statement. 

Sherman Snuggle

For: ladies and gents

Because onesies are freaking awesome and I need to say more? 

#TGIBF (Thank God It's Blue Flannel) 

Top left flannel fleece hoodie ($105), top right ladies flannel shirt  ($65), bottom left men's flannel shirt ($60), bottom right is back image of top left flannel

ladies and gents 

Although you can rock this awesome checkered pattern on every #TGIBF - it works every other day of the week as well. Pair with your favorite blue jeans for an outfit worth of a Seahawks Salute. 

Legion Of Spoon [ing]

ladies and gents 

It is inevitable that you will be forced to wear an ugly sweater this Christmas season. Whether at the office, a party your girlfriend is dragging you to, or to meet Santa at Northgate. Why not support your favorite team while getting in the holiday spirit? (it's ok, we won't tell anyone you actually enjoy wearing it). 

"7 Lynch's leaping", "6 Wilson's scrambling", "5 golden Super Bowl XLVIII rings!" (ok we'll stop now). 

BONUS: Fashion Tip For Seahawks Fans 

Neon green is an awesome color to have within your teams' color wheel, but it can be tricky to match with. Stick to solid neutral tones if you have a solid neon color on. Luckily blue and gray are neutral tones! Have a wacky outrageous Seahawks item on? Pair it with a solid colored item to avoid looking like a walking box of highlighters.