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4 Denver Broncos Outfits You Can Wear When It's Cold Out

As temps begin to drop in the Mile High City, Broncos fans start to reach for the oversized coats, gloves, and scarves in attempts to stay warm. But SportsGiveaways is here to say that you do not have to sacrifice comfort for fashion, you can have both.

Here are 4 Broncos outfits from SportsGiveaways that you can wear when it is cold out


Basic Bronco

 Dress ($75), gray boots ($119), orange boots ($119)


For: females

Stay warm and cozy while still keeping your basic white girl on with this outfit. Pair with your favorite warm leggings and insert pumpkin spiced something from Starbucks drink in right hand - #blessed

#PFM (Pure Fit Manning)

Does cold weather make you want to stay at home in sweatpants and hibernate? No judgement here, we have got you covered with these outfits.

For Men

Flannel Fleece Hoodie ($105), Men's jogger pants ($55)


For Women

Gradient leggings ($65), Wildkat white top ($38), sunglasses ($40)


With the sun shining in Colorado an average of 300 days a year do not forget to wear a pair of sporty sunglasses, the ones pictured above provide 100% UVA and UVB protection. Now that's a move as hot as Denver's defense!

I'm Dreaming Of A White [And Orange] Christmas

Whether you are at the office, a game at Sports Authority Field or your best friends' house -- chances are, you are going to need an ugly sweater this holiday season. Why not get tacky while also supporting your favorite team?

For: both men and women

Top left
Top left ($75), top right ($80), vest ($55), bottom right ($67)

Throwback Thunder

#TBT takes on a whole new meaning with these old school outfits from SportsGiveaways. Embrace the team tradition and long time fans will be giving you the Mile High Salute.

For: men (but ladies don't be shy, pair one of the men's sweatshirts below with your favorite tight white jeans for a feminine look)

Orange Super Bowl XXXII Champions Hoodie Tee ($75), Blue Super Bowl XXXIII Champions Hoodie Tee ($72)

Fashion Tip For Broncos Fans


The Denver Broncos are one of the few teams in the league that are still deeply supportive of their "old-school" logo. In order to avoid fashion faux-pas, do not mix logos on your outfit. Mainly because the "old school" and "current" orange and blue colors are different shades. Pick an era and stick with it throughout your whole outfit.