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Here is what happens behind the scenes... (when no one is looking)

Does your place of work have a morning routine? Do you?

Me, personally... I meditate for about 30 minutes, drink coffee, make breakfast for my oldest son and take him to school. On my way back from school, I listen to a book (through an audible account) and finish off my morning with making breakfast for my wife. I then head over to the office and continue listening to my book. It's about a 35 minute journey.

Each of us has a routine. Whether we know or acknowledge it or not. We are all creatures of habit. If you have a chance, take a look at your daily routine, your days, your week, your month and see if there are routines or habits that you run through and whether you want to keep them or change them...

Oooof.... how this turned out to be a bit more heavy than I intended... Let lighten the mood a bit...

So here is something that we caught on camera. A morning routine by one of our warehouse employees... :)



Told you we have a crazy family :)