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Checkout Our Warehouse (Behind The Scenes)

We are very product to bring you some of the latest designs and styles in Licensed Sports Apparel. Our days are busy with looking through thousands of styles and designs that various manufacturers offer and selecting the very best and latest for you.

Because we know what it means to be passionate about your team and about your sport...

So here is the basic outline of the process of how these products end up in your hands:

  • Step 1: Look through the thousands of products that are potentially going to be manufactured many months ahead of them even being made.
  • Step 2: Choose the designs, styles, teams for every product we think should be produced for our customers.
  • Step 3: Order those products many months ahead and the manufacturers use these orders from us and other stores like ours in giving the factories the green light on product. 
  • Once these items are produced, the manufacturers have them shipped to us and we in turn ship them out to you.

Here is the behind the scene look of what the delivery of these products when they arrive at our fulfillment warehouse, but before they get shipped out to you...


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